Dr Seuss Days

 By Sue Trollip

My world has turned quite upside down.
My view has changed to country from town.


Blue city sky

Instead of sunshine warming my face
I look to the sky then run to embrace
my sheepy slippers and new warm coat
it’s no more mermaid, ‘Hello,’ mountain goat.
Day is night and night is day
and at 2am I’m up to play.


Mountain snow

It’s white and chilly in the shiny snow.
No longer the beach it’s the mountains that glow
with golden sunshine shimmering sweet.
The sky’s still blue but with a lot less heat.
My life has tilted from East to West,
and my sunrise is now a sunset fest.

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

The ice cream is good and the coffee is hot,
the sourdough’s superb although Bovril there’s not
From South to North my world swung around
but brave, I’ll plant my feet on the ground.
And after more coffee for certain I know
tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll frolic in the snow!