Bhuki Boys Bake

by Jac Dowling

Having started this piece, I realised that you had an eyeful of our Bhuki boys earlier this year, but I shall plough on regardless and turn to plan b5.

Yesterday was one of the few 5th Fridays of the year, so we assembled a Boys team to run Bhuki and sell as many things to eat and drink as possible.   And they did – R1 010s worth which very nearly beat therecord of R1 020 last week.   This time we had a retired lawyer, one professor (ret) and one recently retired very special guy who made me pots and pots of Rooibos to help with the amount of chat required when selling tea tickets.   And – their mates came along to support them and ‘spot maar ‘n bietjie’.  Which was great but – the greatest was that we had ten littlies come in with mums and grans.   They raced into the children’s section, chose books, washed their hands and sat down to chocolate cake and other goodies.   So, it’s not just an Outoppies happening.   Thankfully.



And – the Hermanus Times has given us a monthly bi-lingual column Bhuki Hoeki. I  write 100 bi words and Hettie does the 100 lingual ones, so it’s all go at the moment, and we can let everyone know what’s happening.   And – (repetition jac) the Lions Operation Brightsight specs collection is gaining impetus; to date we’ve delivered 4 bags to Specsavers who sort them and deliver to Lions.

Aleksa D



So, having eaten absolutely everything on offer, including my rather soggy sausage rolls, I thought, for a change, I’d pass on a really favourite Bhuki recipe for you to try.   It’s seriously easy or I wouldn’t attempt it.

Jenny’s Savoury Tart

2 chopped tomatoes
1 large chopped onion
1 cup grated cheese
200ml flour
10ml baking powder
1pkt bacon (+-200g)
20ml milk
2 beaten eggs
120ml oil
Can also add anything else – peppers, whatever.

Gently fry  onion etc
Beat eggs and mix everything together
Add salt and pepper (I used cayenne – prudently)
Bake 180 +- 30 mins.

And that dear readers and scribes, is about it from a somewhat unimaginative me.   I’d planned a response to Penny’s Exmoor idyll, but need to read more of Lorna Doone first.   Perhaps she’s like to take a savoury tart on the flight home – better than what she was handed in Dubai!


Pictures –



Rose Tinted Specs

By Jac Dowling

All in all it’s been a pretty good month so far, apart from the extreme heat and humidity, which knocks Durbs into a cocked hat. I’ve spent a good deal of time with my nose in a book or wallowing in tepid pool water. Mind you, one shouldn’t complain. Upcountry they’re experiencing the worst drought in living memory with a consequent massive crop and stock loss – our cricketers appear to be similarly drought-stricken and the England team will be toy-toying all the way back home! So why is my month turning out to be a good one?

After months and months of angst I had a cataract removed and new lens inserted in my seeing eye. Bingo, suddenly the Danger Point lighthouse came into sharp focus across the bay, ships are visible on the horizon, dolphins and whales have form and clarity and I can see almost as far as Cape Point when driving. Previously this was a problem as the end of the road tended to have a hazy appearance and street signs were illegible. Today I got the all-clear and will soon be collecting new prescription specs.


Then, to add to my happy month, the Hermanus Times gave me a centrehermanus_times spread in colour, which they’re hoping will act as bait for others to write in with their travel stories.

Yesterday I had to take the car for an oil change at Superquick which has recently changed hands. It was with some trepidation that I booked in and sat down to read my way through their mound of Getaway aimagesnd Time magazines. We knew the old franchisee well, lovely man who helped everyone and I thought no-one could possible take his place. Wrong.

They couldn’t have been more welcoming, friendly or efficient. There were several of us of a similar age waiting for things to be done; so often one’s made to feel a bit of a ‘nana and a nuisance because of age, hair colour, lack of fleetness of foot (!) and other things
which tend to catch up. Not so here. They did a great job and I’m came home with a grin from ear to ear.

So, to date only good things have happened in my small world. My specs, when they arrive, will make an even greater difference to the way things are viewed – and they will definitely be rose tinted!