Penny Mitchell

Penny is British born, at home in Africa, Australia and the U.K. and a Business Development Consultant in the trust and fiduciary field.

She recently unhitched her small pension from her post in the African corporate world to become a family globetPicturerotter and pursue her creative dreams.

Penny studied at Bath Technikon, UK, and attained the London Chamber of Commerce Private Secretarial Certificate. She spent the first part of her working life as a glorified Girl Friday which is probably why she loves her Saturday morning sleep-in. She passed her bank exams too long ago to remember and attained diplomas in Trust and Estate planning and administration. She is currently studying towards an international qualification in professional freelance journalism through an Australian Academy. She is also exploring opportunities in business storytelling, community development in basic technology, scriptwriting, custom poetry, children’s stories and storytelling (with a difference).

Publishing accomplishments include a private collection of poetry and short stories, Covered Love (limited edition), and Going Global – Technology made Simple (co-author), available on Her novella is on its last edit and is poised for publishing. She was also an editor for a church newsletter.

Penny is a proud mother of two children who never cease to surprise her. She traded in her granny L plates for a lifetime membership to the Cuddles Club and is hoping to increase her contributions as soon as the need arises.

Besides her genetic passion for reading and writing, Penny loves innovation, movies, song, dance and creative communications of all kinds, provided they are polite. She is territorial in her kitchen, particular about her cuisine, and despite a passion for comfy but unusual shoes, she walks barefoot (at home).

Penny is a member of the South African Writers’ Circle and hosts an exclusive writers’ group, called Writing Buddies. She writes poetry, short stories, plays, lyrics and is willing to try anything that doesn’t require protective gear but involves decent communication.

Covered Love by Penny Mitchell


Going Global – Technology Made Simple  by Penny Mitchell and Sue Trollip

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