Michelle Dennison (AWA) Julianne Alcott

Michelle Dennison also writes as Julianne Alcott. Michelle started scribbling down stories more or less as soon as she was able to form her ABC’s.Picture

She has a Diploma in Horticulture and a degree in Theology, and is Mummy to a gorgeous little girl who has just started Grade 2. She is currently a media assistant in a Primary School, but whatever else she does in her life, Michelle is always a writer.

Growing up, she was also a copious reader, and used this experience to decide what kind of stories she wanted to write. Little Women was the first book that made her realise that a novel can change someone’s life.

Love stories are a must, but often with some added spice . . . spies, murder, or saving the environment. She wants her writing to make a difference. People must ideally finish one of her novels, and find themselves back in the real world with something special they didn’t have before. Something to make their lives a little richer, and their burdens feel a little lighter.

She enjoys movies, chocolate and learning new things, especially when they can be used as research for a new novel.

Her writing inspirations are Jane Austen, Mary Stewart and Agatha Christie.


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