Guest bloggers

Hazel Bond was a librarian all her life, except for five years exploring Europe when she did various jobs from waitressing in Guernsey, to teaching English (with a South African accent) in Greece to working on a Kibbutz in Israel. She had stories and humorous articles in magazines and on radio in the good old days. She has written a novel which took her 25 years to complete and which she has no intention of trying to get published. She has self-published Filling The Gap (short stories), Wits End (humorous articles) and The World of Susan Cedarbos (poetry) all of which have sold reasonably well but not made a profit. At the age of 79 she has a regular light-hearted column in a magazine for senior citizens which she does under a pseudonym. Hazel married for the first time at the age of 57 and was widowed at the age of 67. She now lives in a retirement village in Somerset West.


Zoe Dyer is a drama teacher which suits me perfectly because I am paid to play. Summer + the Beach = my ultimate happiness. As well as dessert. And getting dressed up for weddings, parties… and cocktail parties where some hearty laughter and mingling is going on.


Irene Emanuel is the winner of the Hilde Slinger cup for poetry in 2009 and again in 2013, winner of the Fay Goldie cup for General Success in the World of Publishing in 2011. Both these awards are presented by the South African Writers’ Circle. Poetry allows her to get her message across with rhythmic speed and clarity and is the written word that she like best.  Her passions are music, reading, movies and cats. Poetry has brought her into contact with many special people and in the process she has learnt that poetry breaks down social barriers of class and language.  In 2006, a collection of my poems, A Scorpion Sings was published by Trayberry Press. In 2008, Nine of her poems were published in Signatures an anthology of women’s poetry by publisher Alexander House. Selection of poetry published by Osborne Porter Literary Services, March 2011, Titled: Count Catula of Shadoland & friendsA Peace of Me was published in September, 2014 and her fourth collection A Scorpion Sings Again was published in October, 2015.


Trish Oglesby is a veterinarian who owns two cats, four dogs, a horse and a husband. She thinks red wine and dark chocolate are basic food groups and considers turning the pages of a book adequate exercise. Her perfect day would comprise spending the morning with her Kindle, the afternoon with Vincent van Gogh and the night with Pierce Brosnan. She is writing a novel about … none of the above.


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