A little kindness, please.

By Sue Trollip

It’s weird how the world works, the ebbs and flows. And sometimes I forget. It takes me by surprise.

I got into a skid on the ice. I did a 360 degree spin then stopped in a berm, facing up the hill. I lost my nerve. Sewing machine leg. Shivering jaw. I sat. Further up a truck slid halfway across the road.

Then a woman came past. Stopped to ask if I was okay. Told me there was another car at the bottom, in a berm. Then she zoomed off. Jammed on brakes to miss the truck at the top. Came sliding back down the hill … into me. We were okay.

Her husband came, to rescue her. Told me he’d be back.

He returned. Took a photograph of the damage. And left. Left me there. I was gob-smacked. Flabbergasted. Mind-boggled. This is not the type of person I am used to. Not the quality of people I have in my life. My world is of men and women who help. Who rescue. Who are kind. Kind!

I sat. Sewing machine leg back and waited.

A policeman came.

‘Hang tight’, he said. ‘Sand is on the way’.

Then he looked again.

‘If you backup 5 yards and floor it’, he said, ‘you’ll get up’.

I stared. Embarrassed. Afraid.

He nodded and reversed. Via his mic, he said, ‘Backup’.

And I heard the snow creatures on the windy road titter.

Then he said, ‘NOW! And don’t let up on the gas’.

And I went. Fishtailing up the hill. White knuckles. Deep furrow between my brows.

‘You’re a natural’, he said over the mic and I grinned as the adrenalin surged. At the top I breathed. Waved. Kept going in the fluffy traction of snow.

It is a good world. But sometimes kindness is not behind the first door. Be Patient.













7 thoughts on “A little kindness, please.

  1. Susan says:

    I’m so glad you found kindness, and from an unexpected source. Yes, you do come from a world where people stop and help and rescue, like your brother and his friend did for us back in 2012 when my car turned up its toes. And the other kind man who stopped and waited with us. It’s wonderful how some people stop and help, and yet those who have some sort of obligation to help, or have promised they will come back or send the breakdown truck, just don’t…

    I hope your damaged car will be repaired by the silly woman and her camera-wielding husband.

  2. jac says:

    I’m ready to go in with an impi Sue if you have an address! what a horrible experience and thank goodness you weren’t hurt. There are amny kind people around, especially here, just need to find them…

    • An impi wow, thanks Jac, you’re too kind. Fortunately the world is full of wonderful people. I guess I should be grateful I was so surprised and didn’t think it the norm.

  3. Penny M says:

    Oh no, Sue! That must have been awful for you and, dare I say it Sue Roberts, a trifle more harrowing than our experience in 2012, although maybe not for you. The prospect of driving in snow is something I hope I will never need to personally embrace. It’s lovely to glimpse through the window, but to drive in …

  4. Hazel Bond says:

    All I can say is WOW! Thank goodness you survived. I don’t even like driving in mud. Snow and ice, oh no, no, no!

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