The Good Lady

By Hazel Bond

She’s a good religious lady.
Says her prayers three times daily.
Sees what’s good and what is evil.
Knows the workings of the devil.

Gets the horrors when the T.Vs
Show those girls in their bikinis.
Turns her eyes from wicked pictures
Showing women going topless.

She cannot tolerate the press
That prints those articles on sex,
Yet she boasts of skinny-dipping
When at night time she goes swimming.

I wonder if she gets a thrill
Because it is so possible
One of these days she will be caught
When she is swimming wearing naught.

It’s a risk she can’t help taking.
A delicious titillating
Of sinful senses she denies
Within her own and others’ lives.



One thought on “The Good Lady

  1. jac says:

    Good to see you back on Scribes Hazel. I know about skinny dipping, but we have a high wall which keeps out all eyes except paragliders’ !

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