Ooh La La Land

By Sue Trollip

I went to see La La Land at my favourite movie theatre down by the river. As luck would have it I got the times wrong and had an hour to spare downtown. So, I walked alongside the pounding river, tripping over sandbags from nearby businesses who were preparing for the impending flood. The drizzle made me smile as I walked around the square because a farmer’s daughter will always love the rain.

Doubling back to the cozy jungle café for a sandwich, I gazed at the damp pedestrians, listened to the rain, yearned for the sunshine. Then I got down to the serious business of movie watching.

Emma Stone, versatile and resonating and Ryan Gosling, a man who plays a lovesick sap and a cold hard killer with equal aplomb, sang, danced and fell in love. Then the movie got real. Heartache, life, careers, dreams, aspirations, regrets, decisions. I loved it!


2 thoughts on “Ooh La La Land

  1. I loved this movie too!

  2. jac says:

    Lucky you Sue. Sounds a very good watch indeed – it’s been nominated for BAFTA ? or Sundance or … but it looks really good. Please send us your rain, as much as possible. CT is drying up and it’s over 85o humidity here today, almost as bad as Durbs.

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