Little Girls Love

By Hazel Bond

Little girls love little puppies,
Kitties too and real live babies.
They do like shorts and jungle gyms
And when its hot, to take long swims.
And when guests visit overnight
Small girls turn cartwheels with delight.

Small girls love dresses that flare out
When they spin and swirl about
These same girlies stay right close up
Watching mothers put on make-up.
They thrill to see such prettiness,
As Mother in her party dress.

They love lipstick and nail polish,
You bet they do, oh yes my goshish.
It pleases them to lie on grass,
Watching the sky and clouds that pass.
And when they want some extra fun
They eat ice cream and bubble gum.

I tell you little girls adore,
Almost nearly nothing more
Than an invite to a party.
Upon which, they will tell smartly
Anyone within their hearing
Just what dress they will be wearing.

And if you say you’re going out,
Little girls will ask you about
Where and when you will be gone,
And what you’re planning to put on,
And whether they may go with you
Until you have to say, “Oh shoo!”

When it comes to simple pleasures
Little girls take simple measures.
That’s why, you see, they often choose
To clop around in Mothers’ shoes
They do it ’cause they love the sound
Of high heels tapping on hard ground.

You ask me how I know all this
I’ll tell you as we share a kiss.
Old and grey is how you see me,
So to you it may seem crazy,
But I was little once, like you
And these same things I used to do.

Image result for little girl in mother's shoes

Bethany Mondt photography



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