Awesome Audio

By Sue Trollip

I’m still wild about Audio Books. I can’t believe the finesse, the talent of the readers. Someone compared them to a radio play, and I think they may be onto something. I’ve just finished To  Kill a Mockingbird read by Sissy Spacek. Wow.

The best reading I’ve heard so far is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I belive there’s a movie, but I think these readers invoked the best images I could wish for right here in my head.

You can download the audio book here, for free.

Where did you go Bernadette, is also for free here. It’s a great story about Bernadette who takes a metaphorical step off the planet when it starts to spin too fast.

I love that you can lessen the dullness of chores with a good book, you can do two things at once, like make supper and ‘read’. I’ve found a large supply and I’m revelling in it.

The simplicity of it all is also mindblowing. An app on your phone, an auxiliary chord into your car stereo, or a speaker and you’re good to go.

Simply superb. I raise my glass to technology.




4 thoughts on “Awesome Audio

  1. Susan says:

    Sue, I love audio books as well. I used to borrow them from the library in South Africa and listen to them in my car while driving to and from work. No road rage!

    I started with travel books because it seemed appropriate for driving – Michael Palin and Bill Bryson reading their own work was such a pleasure. Later I moved on to fiction read by BBC actors – having an actor read it to you is indeed a great way to read. Sometimes the book got so exciting I was forced to bring it inside and finish listening to it on the CD player while cooking supper or doing scrapbooking.

    As you say – it allows you to do two things at once. As soon as I get a “proper” job here with a regular commute I will probably go back to doing that. Unfortunately I don’t have a technologically smart phone for downloading things with apps, so I’ll be limited to the CD versions in my car, but as long as my local library has a good supply I’ll be happy.

  2. Penny M says:

    Of course I agree wholeheartedly – love audio books and technology. Would love to become a reader too – maybe when I get to the U.K.

  3. jac dowling says:

    I think I would love audio books as well but just don’t seem to get a quiet uninterrupted hour to listen! try again. I enquired about The Guernsey Literary…in either hard copy or audio and was told that it’s an ‘old’ book and unavailable. What a shame. Try again. Thanks Sue

  4. Hazel Bond says:

    I haven’t got to audio books though our Village library has a plentiful supply. I loved the Guernsey Literary.. and Kill a Mocking Bird in hard copy. the third one I haven’t come across yet.

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