Flying Pancakes

By Jac Dowling

Friday 29th July saw the Bhuki kitchen on fire . . . well, not literally, because the Firechief had paid his regular visit to ensure our stoves were all safe and sound. A pile of pancake order containers teetered on tabletops, enthusiastic mixers, bakers, runners and rollers all ready to go. And go they did. Everyone knowing his/her place in the order of things, production commenced at 08.30 and by 10.30 all three hundred pancakes, plus the last drops of batter, had been rolled, sold and delivered.

From ticket sales vantage point, opposite the library entrance, I witnessed a quite amazing rush of activity. Pancakes flew up and down stairs, outside to the police guarding the entrances, through the streets of Hermanus, across the road to various offices and finally into The Bhuki Cafe. All in addition to our ticket sales – our amazing supporters just came and came, and kept on coming. So much so that there was no time for a quick cup of tea between sales and chats, and my tweetalige linguistic acrobatics were flying with the pancakes.

Library staff, despite their present shortage of extra hands, raced around with boxes of orders, always with a smile, and men in uniform, suitably pancake sated, drifted meaningfully back to their duties. If one can drift meaningfully . . . and at one stage, a member of the public erupted from the library and burst into splendid tenor voice. His version of – Lehar? An amazing morning, The Day Pancakes Flew.

We have so many supporters, volunteers and donors of pancake batter to thank for the success of the morning. Without them there would be fewer new books on the shelves and some seriously deprived connoisseurs of the celebrated and comforting pancake. But next time, there will be batter for four hundred and perhaps we’ll be treated to further apre-pancake arias in the lobby.


3 thoughts on “Flying Pancakes

  1. Penny M says:

    What an awesome idea, Jac. Yummy.

  2. jac says:

    Thank you Penny. Fortunately it was not an icy day so I didn’t need to hurl abuse at all the guys who leave the entrance doors open! Also, my point of sale was moved slightly east of its normal spot, adjacent to the Gents!!

  3. Hazel Bond says:

    sounds like both cooks and eaters had great fun

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