15 minutes

By Sue Trollip

The longest commute to work I’ve travelled is 15 minutes.

That first job with it’s roller coaster hills was ten minutes away from my flat, I loved the adrenaline rush up and over and round and down and round again in my gold (really awful brown) Nissan, and then another brown (again read awful brown) Ford and finally, a few years later the metalic blue Corolla.

We then moved campuses and I had a fifteen minute zip-zip through all the back roads. I learned fast to dodge the school children as they meandered with friends unaware of how, in the future, they too would suffer the agony of making it to work on time every single morning. Perhaps sometimes they think of the low flying Tazz that used to buzz past.

Next I got to walk – fifteen minutes to the desperate toot-toot sounds of the minibus-taxis who were flabbergasted that someone would actually choose to walk.

Although close, a mere six minutes in the car my next job was up a 90 degree incline, then down as sharp. The thought of that hill so early in the morning never quite got me out of bed early enough to try. It was there that the Tazz moved on to it’s new owners who took it one summer work morning without a thought as to how I’d get home. My next car was white, an Astra, we never really had time to bond.

Then, I was back to a fifteen minute drive. This time along a long winding road where the speed limit was 45 mph (about 65 kms). Thankfully my sweet steel Honda (before her engine blew) had cruise control or all of my salary would have gone to the police force. Some mornings I rode my bike – that took a little longer than fifteen minutes.

Boom! I’ve upped the time by three.

It now takes me 45 minutes on the freeway, to get to work. I have a deep blue Subaru and instead of counting the miles and singing country to K-Bull (which I still do some mornings). I discovered the marvel of audio books. I laugh and people are passing too fast to notice, but the other morning I arrived at work with a couple of tears in my eyes. A smidge embarrassing, but what’s a girl with a good book supposed to do.

Currently reading and thoroughly enjoying …


2 thoughts on “15 minutes

  1. jac says:

    Love it Sue. Your current 45 min commute looks scenic, not too busy and very speed-correct. I wonder what it’ll be like in winter? I also like the fact that audio books are coming in useful, do they ever slow you down in sad or sleazy parts? I’ve had to insert a thick cushion beneath my bottom in our senior Volvo because either I’ve become heavier, the seat has sunk or the shocks are about to give up the ghost! Oh well, as long as one can see over the steering wheel one supposes one should be ok…

    • Thanks Jac, it’s fairly pleasant as highways go. Got a lot of trucks and sharp bends, but hey…. I have cruise control so not too much slowing down for the book, and more for the bends. Please make sure you can always see over the windscreen!

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