An Avalanche Of Thirsty Punters

by Jac Dowling

On entering the hallowed and welcoming portals of our library last Friday, I had a down the rabbithole moment thinking I’d come to entirely the wrong place and looked around for the Mad Hatter’s table, the dormouse and White Rabbit. None of whom was present because the cacophony of happy human voices, clashing teaspoons and whooshing tea leaves was The Bhuki Cafe: open again after a month’s break. And would, in any case, have sent any self-respecting rabbit zooming off in search of a friendly hole.

The sound of laughter and chat pitched molto molto vivace interspersed with the odd rumbling baritone of a spouse (plural – spice) wanting attention, countered by a strong coloratura carolling in vain for her ‘almost organic’ spinach, the last bunches just sold: and the sea of wagging, laughing heads brought such happiness to me in that moment. Like two large families coming together in a tectonic shift of joy and pleasure . The Friends of The Library were once again weer op pad.

We’re actually pretty much gender correct. Everyone’s welcome to our Friday coffee mornings and our Bhuki Boys tea team launched itself with sartorial aplomb and mounds of excellent bakes and makes, late last year.

Come to think of it, they probably fit the pluralist Spice category quite well, and give their fairer counterparts serious competition. In fact, I know of at least two Spice who make exceptional sandwiches for their nearest and dearest on ladies’ days. One retired spouse declares himself under new management and has the cleanest hands in the Overstrand due to his willingness and dexterity as a plongeur . Overseen by guess who – his spouse, of course! And, omitting the dreaded ‘help’ word, there’s generally a fair presence of Spice each week who catch up with their mates, cricket (not at the moment perhaps), while keeping an eye out for anything heavy that needs lifting, or moving. On the flip side, the Spices’ Spouses are able to cast an eye across the tables from their position of power behind the teapots and keep control with their beady eyes. In fact, we’re considering renting the lifesavers’ highchair in the offseason, and installing Queen Teapot to conduct affairs from aloft, while keeping things moving!

Let’s not forget the children. Each week various small and medium sized little members are brought in with their books and allowed to choose whatever they like to eat and, if their hands are clean and remain so, books may, for once, be read at table.

The Bhuki – A Happy Place To Be.



Grammatical Addendum: One Mouse = two Mice therefore One Spouse must = two Spice

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8 thoughts on “An Avalanche Of Thirsty Punters

  1. jac dowling says:

    Love the graphic Sue – couldn’t agree more…thanks!

  2. Susan says:

    The combination of books and tea is always a winner with me. Now, if I could just get me a single portion of the right “spice” that would be perfect…

  3. Penny M says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’ve yet to find the library here in Coomera. I doubt they have such good friends. I am only just beginning to drive Cands’ car on my own. The hospital shift was good practice. Who knows what I’ll get up to.

    • jac dowling says:

      Well Susan, it’s The Bhuki Boys’ tea turn tomorrow – pity you’re not closer…more and more ex-Spice are coming in on Fridays! By the way, Epidaurus was out on the ‘recommended’ pyramid this week.

      • Susan says:

        Ah, thanks, Jac – that makes me feel good to know that people are being encouraged to read it. I’m sorry I never got to visit your library before I left.

    • jac dowling says:

      Once you’ve mastered the car Penny, perhaps you could find a piece of land and make a thorough nuisance of yourself down at the local council offices about building a library. THEN you can get your local Friends group going! Hope you find it (the lib) soon.

  4. Sue says:

    The most interesting library on the planet, Jac. I’m glad you have a little something for everyone. Imagine if all libraries served tea. Ah yes, I’m going to have to keep imagining as I just can’t see it happening even though it’s a great fundraiser.

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