Food, glorious food

By Sue Trollip

Christmas turkey is Christmas turkey, whether it’s being consumed while watching the snow blanketing the world outside, or besides the braai (BBQ) on a hot sunny afternoon. But, the rest of the Christmas food differs vastly over here, in the ‘other’ hemisphere.

Tamales, for one. A delicious treat, which I have learned to eat with lashings of plain yogurt, despite attempts to tell me ‘that’s not really how you’re supposed to eat them’ along side green beans and brussel sprouts followed by chocolate pie for dessert. While tasty (except for those vegetables), it just feels odd.

It’s a slog to find mince pies, Christmas cake is a non-entity and Christmas pudding (you mean chocolate pie?) is pretty much impossible to locate unless you happen upon the ‘foreigners’ shop.

There, finally, the shelves are full of Walkers shortbread and an abundance of real Christmas goodies, like Quality Street chocolates (absolutely un-affordable) and Panattone and mince pies (did I mention them?).

But I am fairly organised this year. I managed to find, at what we’ve nicknamed Bob’s Booze Shop, a bottle of Amarula, so we can indulge in a homemade Dom Pedro. And after the turkey (yes, I’m going to skip those beans and brussels) I’m having milk tart for pudding.

I’m also, going to try my hand at home made mince pies. I’m not sure if they’ll look pretty, but I bet they’ll taste ‘lekker’.

Where ever you are, whatever you’re eating, I hope you’re surrounded with love. Here’s wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.




3 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

  1. jac dowling says:

    And to you Sue. Good luck with the mince pies – perhaps you’ll start a new Yuletide fad? mince pies and christmas pud with lots and lots of the good stuff to keep it sweet! One of our sibs is in Cuba filming a firework festival – apparently it’s massive cigars and fireworks, not quite what I’d choose as a digestible item – but there you go,

  2. Susan says:

    Yes, it’s odd experiencing favourite food in a new country, isn’t it? I’m so glad I found decent mince pies at Coles – we’ve been through 3 boxes already. Sorry that you have to make your own, but the good news is that you can sample as you go…

    I discovered that the ingredients I used to use for brandy butter are just not the same in Oz, so it separated a bit and tasted funny, but the Christmas pudding made up for it – that was really good. I finally ate Walkers shortbread for the first time last night – very yummy!

    How was the milk tart? Hope you had a great Christmas, Sue.

  3. Penny M says:

    Fruit mince is extremely expensive here in Oz. Layla and I made two batches of mince pies and then I made a secret set. They’ve hit the waistline already. We did traditional on Christmas Eve with Gammon, carrots, peas, roast potatoes – ummmm. As nobody seems to enjoy Christmas pudding, my oat apple crumble and Candice’s chocolate brownies with a glass of Merlot ensured our demise. Tamales, Sue?

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