Great Expectations not by Dickens, but … by Penny M

Penny Mitchell - Communications that Matter

In keeping with tasteful tones of past and present, the regular venue for Melbourne Lit Group is housed beneath the sandstone levels of Federation Square, in and bordering the historic Federation Wharf vaults. The restaurant overlooks the banks of the Yarra River, around which the city of Melbourne has grown.

(Click the following link for more information and atmosphere –

Federation Square - Melbourne 3

Melbourne Lit is one of many writers’ groups advertised on the Melbourne Meet Up website ( which site boasts 990 writer members in all at the time of writing. An old, Qwerty-keyed typewriter features centre stage of their web page, bearing a notice, ‘Every Saturday and Every Wednesday at 3 p.m.’ Text and details further reiterate this information.

‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘this group must be something. A meeting twice weekly means it’s popular and buzzing.’ Susan Roberts, one of my writing buddies ( and I were…

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One thought on “Great Expectations not by Dickens, but … by Penny M

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like a very educational meeting. Love the venue. I hope you get back to discover some more!

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