To parents who adopt

By Sue Trollip

This week I had an encounter with adoption, up close and personal. I always thought it was about the chance to give someone a perfect life. Why? I have no idea because I know there is no such thing.

I figured out very quickly that it’s a much simpler concept. It’s merely the chance of giving someone a better life. A better shot at being an independent individual, or more of a shot than they’d have in an orphanage in a third world country.

People spend a lot of time worrying about culture and displacement. But I say rather focus on being loved, having someone to love, a decent education, a loving shove up the stepladder of life.

Prince Harry has been in the news again with his Lesotho deeds, and no matter how much of a hair-raiser he is, to have a son with a heart that big, must make his papa proud.540f65ca875e8_-_prince_harry_charity_lesotho_misc

I take my hat off, I raise my glass, I give a shout-out to those who’ve adopted. Thank you for your stellar contribution in making this world a better place.


4 thoughts on “To parents who adopt

  1. Susan says:

    Indeed, Sue. Adoption is a fantastic way to give someone a better life. And the more I read about Prince Harry, the more I like and admire him. He may have had his wild moments when younger, but has his mother’s compassion and – like her – is spreading good in the world.

  2. I agree, Sues – there are still people out there with more than an organ pump. It takes a special kind of tenderness and calling to adopt a child. That one child can impact a world.

    • Sue says:

      Such a huge impact Penny. The three boys I met are going to grow up to be extremely pleasant human beings … at the very least.

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