Good Housekeeping

by Penny M

Spring cleaning started in summer this year with a bee-in-the bonnet declutter. In fact, it was overdue by a couple of decades. Love letters were discovered, scanned aID-100369858nd filed. Yes somebody did love me once. Bible study doilies, courtesy of resident fish moths were finger-shredded in preparation for their journey towards oblivion; their notes still play in my heart.

Books found new order. Things hoarded for future family or retirement projects were relinquished to the trash or charity for new homes and hands. My original objective for all this activity was a moving decision and a decision to move. Reality slowed the pace to embrace a vacation strategy. God’s timing is perfect.

Now it really is Spring and the momentum is over, like a candle with a sneakily, short wick.

In comparison, my internal housekeeping is ongoing. With understanding comes forgiveness. Lies are tossed, compassion discovered and hope reborn. The truth is I am changed. As usual, I will celebrate Christmas for the right reason. I will not be listening for reindeer bells and wellingtons, but the scrunch of footprints across the sand. Also, maybe the patter of my granddaughter’s feet as she locates me making the most of my vacation visit.


For some the promise of a second coming, or death in the interim, induces fear and frantic attempts to get houses in order. For others like me, there’s no rush. Christ is already here and points out the ‘dust’ when I’m ready to deal with it. Peace is part of the ‘furniture’. I am loved and there are no cobwebs in my soul.

Pics courtesy of:
“Flowering Apple Tree In Spring” by Vlado
“Young Brunette Woman Standing With Mop” by radnatt


4 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping

  1. jac says:

    What a beautiful state Penny: to be loved and have no cobwebs in your soul. Long may it last. Sets me thinking that a good powerhose between my ears might clear out a lot of fishmoths and other unwelcome goggas. I’ll let you know if it works!

  2. Sue says:

    Internal housekeeping, a simple phrase for a most important concept. Keep going, there’s nothing like that feeling of spring ‘sprunging’ on the inside. Now to learn how to hold onto it…

  3. Susan says:

    I spent the first part of this year sorting through all the material things I owned before packing up the ones I wanted to keep. After a brief rest it may be time to sort the internal housekeeping now. Thanks for the encouragement, Penny!

  4. Thanks ladies for your various comments. I have a maintenance plan in place, Sue, but have already coasted a bit on my dailies. Have some helpful material with me, Susan. We can listen together here at Burford Way if you like. Jac – be careful with the hose, you’re meant to retain your brain through the process.

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