Coffee, cocktails, croissants … ah the good life

by Sue Trollip

This is not my travel blog, but … I love to travel and winter is coming, which means I will be hibernating along with the bears, squirrels and chipmunks. My last fling before the impending snow was to Seattle.

A short flight from my new home, it was too exciting to resist. Not long after landing I fell in love with the java at Seattle Coffee Works and the Moscow Mules at Bookstore Bar and Cafe. I walked up the hill and soon found myself standing on the deck of Columbia Centre, 76 floors up. I surveyed, with giddy delight, the puffy clouds, the sea and the skyscrapers below.

20150907_121220Equal parts scary and exciting, I tried the wheel, just to feel touristy. The scary part kicked up a gear when it stopped … and the sea breeze began to rock the ‘cradle’.

20150907_121208The feel of Seattle is artsy and touristy with a large mish-mash of locals. Using the Lyft taxi system we met a Russian woman who showed her lack of confidence by getting us to set the GPS. Turns out she was new to town and earning some spare money. She got us safely to our destination and then on the way home we met an Ethiopian driver who knew each street by heart.

There was devouring of croissants, coffee, macaroons, and more croissants at a real French cafe.

20150904_163738Watching fish being tossed at Pike’s Place. Then wandering down to Pioneer square, to listen to music and enjoy the quirky shops.


A visit to Ballard was gorgeously suburban, tree-lined and full of little bars and eccentric shops. We stopped for Tapas and fish & chips and got soaked through.

Food is big in Seattle, and along with the Russian Mules, was the imbibing of the most delicious piroshky at a Russian cafe.

Also, I had my first bloody Mary. I think if you take out the tomato juice you could be onto something.

A spicy vodka salad!

Now that I could do again.


10 thoughts on “Coffee, cocktails, croissants … ah the good life

  1. georginakim92 says:

    Sounds like you hit up all the spots – the Chihuly museum is truly a must-see as are the plentiful boutiques in Ballard

  2. Susan says:

    Sounds like fun, Sue. I love your comment about the Bloody Mary. My favourite part of a Bloody Mary is the tomato juice so you can always pass that part on to me and enjoy the rest!

  3. jac says:

    Sounds like it’s got all the right vibes and munchies Sue – has trip #2 been planned. Bloody Marys – suggest a good slug of black or red pepper plus worcestèr sauce. Maes yr hair stand on eng!

    • Sue says:

      It was that, Jac, and more too. A veritable salad, with celery, olives too. Trip 2 has not been planned yet, perhaps there will be a gap while other places are explored.

  4. jac says:

    I suppose you could always sneak in a bottle of witblits or mampoer to ring the changes!

  5. GolNaran says:

    So interesting;
    I really enjoyed.

    All the best, ❤

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