Parking Perks

by Penny M

I drove through the carpark at a local shopping mall recently and my earth shook. No, it wasn’t a quake of rubble magnitude or a sink hole on Rainbow Beach in Queensland. It was a sense of elation at the sight of freshly demarcated parking bays for Pensioners. Yes!!! I kid you not.

Finally somebody had considered that there were others besides the disabled and moms & tots who would benefit from a shorter trip between the undercover section and the front door.
But how will this be policed? I mulled over various potential pitfalls. Mischief grabbed my thoughts. Would my car be towed from such a spot if I was suspected of overage or underage parking? Does one now have to get a Pensioner’s disc from somewhere? Would there be a drop off in highlight sales at the hair salon when a contingent suddenly ceased masquerading as moms & tots (grab-a-grandchild), or aid-assisted walkers?

Would there be fisticuffs or fisti-verbs, if a short-sighted parker selected the wrong space, or one decided that as long as the parking was demarcated it didn’t matter; for example, a mom & tot in a pensioner’s spot? The mind boggles – well, sorry, mine does anyway.

Of course, there will always be those able-bodied narcissists who will park there no matter what you stick on the lines and pillars around them.

I had visions of long queues for Pensioner bays on Pensioner days. Realistically, of course, all categories are allowed to park in un-demarcated bays. I imagine reserving more than four bays for each category could lead to unbudgeted shrinkage; the car park is there for use by shoppers after all and the first hour and a half is free.

All in all, well done to mall management, ‘just up my street’, for considering the lesser-abled-without- tots. I will wait until I am in need before availing of such privilege. Until then, exercise is more advantageous and shopping is my only outlet for this kind of shrinkage. Gone are the days when Gran and I could walk from home to the shops in safety, but at least I can walk from the carpark to the mall.

P.S. How about Parking for Peeps with Pets?


2 thoughts on “Parking Perks

  1. jac says:

    Well done Penny. We have a similar facility at the end pf our road cpmplete with assistance with parking in a straight line, reversing safely, trolley pushing and offloading. Perfect – as long as you don’t mind beimg addressed as Makhulu! Why did I ever flinch at “Tannie” ?

  2. Susan says:

    I think it’s a great idea. In recent years, I’ve often seen older people struggling with their shopping, but because they are not wheelchair bound, they have to walk the same distance as the rest of us, and yet that seems unfair if they have problems with their joints and struggle to carry their grocery bags. Well done to your shopping mall!

    As for pets, the only time I need close parking for my cats is at the Vet – I certainly don’t take them shopping with me…

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