Boise, Idaho, more than just potatoes.

By Sue Trollip

I took a family vacation to Boise, Idaho a few weekends ago. An odd destination made apparent by the bold looks of disbelief I received whenever I mentioned it beforehand. (Why Boise? Well, it was a scientific decision as are all well-planned holidays … basically we calculated the amount of hours we could spend in a car together while still remaining friends and found a place no one had visited on that arc of the map.)

We tried to set off early so the munchkins could sleep … a most enticing theory.

Half an hour before we reached our breakfast destination I got pulled over by the cops. He took one look into the car, explained some law that was not applicable in the State where I got my drivers licence and, with a look of sympathy at our car resembling an African taxi minus the chickens, waved us off.

It felt Karoo-like. I loved the drive.

flatBreakfast pancakes, more driving. Hotel check-ins and a walk home from dinner. And the deliciously oppressive heat. Ah yes 40C at 8pm.

riverRiver rafting down the Snake River.

Visiting the Botanical Gardens.

botEating Idaho potato ice-creams at the Westside drive-in diner.

spudMeandering, relaxing, soaking up the sunshine.

Then we drove home.


5 thoughts on “Boise, Idaho, more than just potatoes.

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds lovely, Sue. I’m hoping you’re still friends despite the encounter with the traffic cops. What exactly are Idaho potato ice-creams? It looks yummy but what did they taste like?

    • Sue says:

      Hee-hee Susan, I’m sure you know me better than that … they are balls of vanilla ice cream shaped like potatoes, rolled in cocoa powder (the potato), topped with a dollop of whipped cream (sour cream) and drowned in chocolate sauce (gravy). A truly decadent delight!

  2. jac dowling says:

    Sounds like they have helpful traffic cops in that region – I salute you for the massive drive and love your descriptions and pics. It’s in Sardinia I think, that they have ice cream burgers! maybe also made from potato?! thanks Sue, lovely blog 40 degrees and all.

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