By Sue Trollip

This is my n20150624_163155_resizedew bike and our theme song is ‘I can ride my bike with no handlebars’ which turns out is a song about power and not at all about riding like a lunatic. I guess sometimes you need to learn more than the chorus. Although when I’m careering down the hill I do feel incredibly powerful. (It may be prudent to mention that when I am going uphill I do not feel powerful at all.)

And when I speak, no matter how slowly I do so or how well I articulate … there are issues.

When I took my bike in to get it’s 30 day ‘tjune-up’ things became complicated. I was having problems with my bike rack and as the ‘bike-man’ tried to remove it I said. ‘Oh, hold on I have a spanner in the boot.’

He glanced up at me from his crouched position behind my car with a nervous jolt. Then obviously deciding I was looking more passive than aggressive he said. ‘I know the word, but can’t think what it is at the moment.’

‘Ah, a wrench,’ he said, as I wielded the silver bolt undo-er in the air.

‘In the trunk,’ I replied.

So I wish Susan all the best as she ventures into a world of ‘shrimp on barbies’ I hope she learns the new lingo fast. I in the meantime shall go off to my corner and contemplate whether or not to cut my bangs!


4 thoughts on “Wordplay

  1. jac dowling says:

    I hope you don’t hit the dirt too often going downhill Sue and get ketchup all over your bangs which should really be contained in a Miss Piggy hard hat – or is that the wrong word? I like the yellow flower adornment in pic; you just need a K-nine to run with you now…oh, and Susan will need to remember that you go to the doctor because you’ve got ‘this weird wog’ – I kid you now, my b-in-law is in practice over there and it took him some time to work out that out virus or bug is their wog!!! funny thing colloquialism isn’t it…

  2. jac dowling says:

    I forgot to ask whether you have sorted the difference between scone and biscuit?!!

    • Sue says:

      No, but the good news is I like them both. I have yet to try biscuits and gravy. Although people keep recommending them to me, I can’t get my stomach to feel the enthusiasm.

  3. Susan says:

    Sue, the barbie is an odd one because in my mind it still means a skinny plastic doll with bendable legs and a 1960s tan – at least that’s what it was like back in those days when I played with one. Dunnies and doonas, on the other hand, are a bit more obscure – toilets and duvets, as far as the Saffas are concerned – but I look forward to mastering the new lingo in due course…

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