When all is forgotten

by Penny M

So, okay, I forget sometimes; like when it’s my turn to blog, renew a script, go for a check-up, or service the car. The list goes on. Just as well, I can’t keep pets here; thankfully, my plants are the forgiving sort.

Have you ever tied a knot in your handkerchief to remind you of something and then forgotten what it was you were supposed to remember? ‘No,’ I hear you say because, of course, you use Kleenex or Twinsavers.

I learnt a trick (too long ago to remember). The night before, I had to visualise myself walking towards the front door where I would remember what I had to take with me. It worked for things like my gym kit or lunchbox, provided I didn’t want to skip gym or fish paste sandwiches. It wasn’t that helpful for going home; my mother resorted to threats after I left my second jersey behind at school. Unfortunately, fear exacerbated the problem.

I (indistinctly) recall, when startled into a rush of wrong-way adrenalin by a question I couldn’t answer, wishing I was Rosy the Elephant, Bristol Zoo’s oldest one (with more than a few novels in her trunk). I was skinny then too, so the extra weight didn’t worry me.

Did I mention the time my lift-club-of-three driver forgot two of his passengers? We chatted away on the side of the road for about thirty minutes until we realised that he wasn’t coming. We arrived at work to find him there already, blissfully oblivious. We never mentioned it; well not to him anyway.

I can relate – when I get focussed, meal times roll past until my stomach is screaming and a quick fix just won’t do it. Now that I’m in the writing game, twenty four/seven (pay dirt for the real thing), I sometimes don’t know what day it is until I forget my Blog.

So here it is. Next time you forget, remember you aren’t the only one.

P.S. I now fill in the calendar on my mobile with every detail so that, when the alarm goes off, I know exactly why. Thank goodness for technology, much better than keeping a diary and forgetting to look at it. I will add a monthly reminder labelled blog, set one week in advance of due date. Then Sue T can relax.



6 thoughts on “When all is forgotten

  1. jac dowling says:

    And here’s me thinking it was only we of a certain age who suffer senior moments – thank you Penny, I feel much better now! One totally embarrassing moment recently was when I suggested to someone that she tie a knot in her nose, all the better to remember things my dear. She flushed a vague puce colour and moved away – in profile I realised why. Her nose was the original knottable variety. Feet Jac, feet – all four at the same time, not good!

  2. Penny M says:

    Ha ha, Jac, so you do have a trunk and an answer to Rosy. Getting your nails done must be a nightmare!

  3. jac dowling says:

    It’s sheer hell Penny, especially given their age, degree of thickness and serious wear and tear! The trunk’s useful from time to time, but nothing like the proboscis I suggested should be knotted…

  4. Susan says:

    I make lists, Penny. Endless lists. I have a notebook and pen in my handbag for every day’s to-do list. (This is not to be confused with the other notebook I always carry which is the writing notebook.) My mother was the same – from as far back as I can remember, she always had a notebook and pen in her handbag and wrote down the day’s essential reminders. Just don’t lose the notebook!

  5. Sue says:

    That cell phone calendar does make life a lot easier, although I do still like to write down a list. I think it’s the crossing things off the list that makes me happy. The memory is a mysterious thing.

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