FIFTY SHADES OF … (no pictures – not sorry)

by Penny M

I started this blog with the intention of focusing on the promiscuity of opinion and whether the phrase, ‘the pot calling the kettle black,’ might be offensive at this time of national embarrassment and colour coding. My reference, of course, was to the uproar provided, courtesy of various personas on the political stage prior to, during and after the president’s SONA (State of the Nation Address).

But, now I realise that the world is no longer watching the demise of parliamentary chameleons who appear to have a flagrant appetite for what will draw the largest audience and ‘pay back the money’.

Hot off the Press: Public (or should I say pubic?) taste for the exotic (and yes, I do mean exotic) has shifted to perhaps the biggest earning movie yet to hit the circuit. According to Kirsten Acuna’s article, entitled “Everything you should know about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ if you don’t want to read the book”, published online today by the Business Insider (17 February, 2015), the movie has ‘already made $266 million worldwide’. That was very early this morning, before the sun came up in Africa.

Kirsten writes a tasteful review for the more discerning consumer who wouldn’t read the book (let alone the second and third in E.L. James’s trilogy of ‘erotica’) or watch the movie. Fifty Shades of Grey is quote: ‘written from the perspective of college student Anastasia Steele. Before graduation, she interviews the mysterious and eligible billionaire bachelor Christian Grey for her school’s paper … ‘

The fundamental theme of most popular exploits of romantic fiction is one couple who find ‘true’ love. In fact any genre with some sort of romantic enticement in the background is bound to succeed, especially where the female populace is concerned.

And why not follow this book by turning it into a movie?

In my opinion (as firm and loving as the hand that rocked my children’s cradle), both book and movie entice the unsuspecting to explore realms of erotica and pornography in a sick world. In a society where porn pervades moral standards, perverts young minds, and spawns child and adult abuse, anything that is portrayed as acceptable and the norm to a person who is hungry for love must be seen for what it is – human trafficking.

For years rape cases have been thrown out of court on the mere suggestion that the victims were dressed seductively before the event. Criminals of all ages and from all walks of life, whatever colour, blame their perversions on their parents, backgrounds, addictions etc. What will be their defence when they are hooked on pornography and erotica? “Well, your honour, I couldn’t help it, I’d just seen this movie …”

Kirsten writes quote: “Romantic, right? Well here’s the twist. It turns out there’s a reason Christian’s single. He’s really into BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism) relationships and he wants Ana to play the submissive to his dominant.”

My verdict? Somebody is making a c..p load of money at the cost of millions of curious innocents and former innocents. I’ll leave it to my readers to wonder why EL James had the audacity to name her protagonist ‘Christian’. Clue – is this blasphemy, do you think?

Incidentally, going back to the pot and kettle (and I don’t mean the restaurant in Botha’s Hill, KZN, SA), the phrase had something to do with both pot and kettle being put on the fire and getting sooty, or the pot being put on the fire and seeing itself in a reflection of the kettle as black.

I encourage my readers to reflect on the merits of paying for the privilege to get burnt and smutty in somebody else’s fire. This blog is for free – share if you dare!


5 thoughts on “FIFTY SHADES OF … (no pictures – not sorry)

  1. jac dowling says:

    I’m right with you Penny – sufficiently democratic to acknowledge the right of a public library to carry the book (s) on its shelves, but the concept of the film leaves me stone cold. I read today that a local rapist has been sentenced to a total of 1500 years in prison – on the other hand, I’m happy to hear that the Pot and Kettle is still operating. It used to be a weekend haunt for our daughter and me and we loved the up in the clouds atmosphere…

  2. Ah Penny the mind boggles. The country is in a dark mess and the woman who needs a really, really, really good editor is a multi-gazillionaire. It makes no sense which is why we need pizza, lattes and the Pot and Kettle’s view.

  3. You are all most welcome to join me at the Pot and Kettle next time you are here.

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