Mind the Gap – Social Media

Penny Mitchell - Communications that Matter

Those of you who have had the opportunity to ride on an underground rail system, commonly referred to as the tube, will be familiar with the warning to passengers to, “Mind the gap.” In explanation, there is a space between platform and carriage. When the doors open and you step in or out, make sure you don’t put your foot in it (the gap).

I am an avid proponent of social networking.

The purpose of publishing a book with Sue Trollip on mastering the basics, Going Global – Technology made simple (available on Amazon and through local independent outlets in South Africa) http://pennym.matternatter.com/books/ was to make sure that everyone can benefit from improved communication, for example Google, Facebook, Twitter etcetera. There are minions out there who are intimidated by technology – you can help by purchasing a copy for those you know.

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