A beautiful and frosty new year

By Sue Trollip

I’m starting off my new year doing one of my favourite things … travelling.

I’m not actually going to leave at one minute past midnight and there will first be red wine and fireworks on a snow covered mountain, but after that I’m hopping into a car and fleeing across the snow covered desert to see what I find. As Robert Louis Stevenson said:

‘I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.’

I agree wholeheartedly, but I also like to go places, Robert. I like to immerse myself in whatever is there, or run for the nearest train, as I’ve done before. Moving though the world is always a lovely experience and today we have been discussing different smells and the way food tastes different in each country even when it’s the same. It’s interesting how we all see things in our own way. David Mitchell wrote in ‘Cloud Atlas’:

‘Travel far enough, you meet yourself.’

Even Henry Miller had it right when he said:

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’

So I’m going to see the Nevada desert, the mountains, the Pacific ocean and the city of San Francisco and when I return I will no doubt have learned a few more things about myself and my surrounds.

This morning, I travelled to the next town over in the blistering cold. My ears were cherry coloured icicles and my toes curled into their socks anxious to return to the heat of the car as I marched down the street of touristy shops. It was a browsing expedition, a fun outing in unbearable weather and when the lure of coffee seduced me back to the car I did not hesitate, until I saw the lake with windy sea-horses, a beach covered in snow and the distant mountains capped with more snow.DSC06409

Beautiful and frosty … now for the wine and the fireworks!



7 thoughts on “A beautiful and frosty new year

  1. Breath taking and beautifully put, Sue. Happy New Year all.

  2. jac dowling says:

    This has to be your best ever Sue…it has my heart singing, my nose stinging and the soles of my feet ringing! I know just how you feel and hope that you have a superb travel experience. Happy New Year and thanks for all the great blogs from the Scribes in 2014.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you! Whooohooo … I also hope those travels are good … and that the scribblers march forward with golden pens in 2015.

  3. Susan says:

    Ah Sue – to travel is definitely one of the great joys of the world. You are probably on the road right now and I wish I was with you, taking in new sights, smells, sounds. I look forward to reading your future blog-posts about what you found there…

    • jac dowling says:

      Happy New Year Susan – did I read today that it’s 39c in Melbourne? perhaps a seat in sue’s car would be a tad cooler!

  4. Sue says:

    Somewhere between the two Sues lies a day of perfect weather…

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