Brain Trip

by Penny M

So there I am, awake already because of the gale force winds whipping around my skyline townhouse. I’m tapping away on my laptop and Whatsapping sporadically to my kids in Oz when the lights go out.

My first thought is that the storm has put the power out. Oh bother, my battery is low on phone and right hand (alternative name for laptop). Then it dawns on me that my neighbour is using his angle grinder again or some other power tool which is of course impossible without a spark from Eskom.

Horrors, did I pay the last bill? I use buffer time to log onto my bank website. Date of last payment was in July. You need to understand that my brain is in September already planning my departure for my son’s U.K. wedding. Panic driven deduction leads me to pay the electricity and rates bill.

Next, a hasty disconnection of the disabled remote receiver and a reconnection of the old phone to call the accounts department and tell them I’ve paid. I listen to the automatic message with sinking heart. ‘Please bear in mind that reconnections may take up to 48 hours to complete.’ My mind is racing with ideas of camping at the Mug & Bean or staying with a friend for two days.

A gentleman answers politely and, after the usual security and account checks, informs me that my account is up to date. He advises me to call the faults number. I do so.

A pleasant woman tells me that there are no faults reported in my area and asks me to check my board while she holds on.

You guessed it! The trip switch was down. I made several attempts at resetting it to no avail and returned to apologise to my support person. She advised me (with knowing nod and smile, I’m sure) to call an electrician.

Before I didplugs that, I ran around unplugging every appliance. I then reset the board one by one and voila! The only negative in this tale is my resultant cash flow problem. And my fruitless search for the culprit who I suspect might have four legs.

The moral of the story? Think plenty of times before doubting yourself, no matter how old you are; live in the moment, you never know when you might be unplugged.

P.S. There is only one thing worse than being forgetful and that is forgetting that you remembered.


3 thoughts on “Brain Trip

  1. jacky says:

    Ha! your subject is all too familiar Penny. Down here, in the Overstrand area – which is the sea and sand part of Overberg but still independent…Eskom has chosen to instal little boxes with winking green lights, in every house, enabling them to switch off our hot water cylinders between 6 am and 10am and again 6 – 8 pm. Except at weekends. I wonder whether all those who are in need of a pre-work/pre-school shower save it up for the weekend splurge?! mad mad world.

  2. Susan says:

    I know all too well that sinking feeling when the electric hum of the world around you goes silent and there is no chance of boiling the kettle for tea. Hope the electrician solved your problem before you left for the wedding and that you don’t return to find a frizzled rodent belly-up in your house and a smell to match it! Enjoy the wedding, by the way!

  3. Sue says:

    Lovely Penny, we’ve all been there!
    Do enjoy that wedding and your time in the UK. Go enjoy and when you get home you can refresh your brain and lose a few worries.

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