Baggage I have not yet lost

By Sue Trollip

I’ve been working the morning shift this week. My alarm jingles with the sounds of a ‘morning flower’ at 04h15. And, mug of coffee in hand, I step out of the front door at 04h45. The morning is pitch black as street lights are not big in suburbia.

On day one I marveled at how I’d changed, how I was almost unafraid of the dark as I squinted into the inky morning looking out for the looming figure of a bear. I pooped my car alarm and peered into the back seat just in case there was a lurker. I told myself not to be an idiot, a wimp or a ninny.

I straightened my shoulders and as my hand touched the door handle a train tooted in the distance and I leapt into the car like an undignified chicken, my heart beating wildly in my throat. I tried to laugh while glancing in the rear view mirror. It took a minute before I shook my head, took a deep breath and turned the key. That’s when the gunshot ejected from the CD, it’s the very last bar of Miranda Lambert’s song about a crazy ex-girlfriend.

I started the car, grateful that I did not have to change gears, and with my lights on bright I pulled out of the driveway.

About a mile down the road I happened upon three buck staring into the night and I started to breathe again.

So yes, I’m calm most of the time in my cool new world, but somewhere beneath that serene facade still lurks a jumpy African nincompoop.

Gunpowder and Lead

Miranda Lambert – Gunpowder and  Lead


8 thoughts on “Baggage I have not yet lost

  1. jacky says:

    The thought of you jumping around like an undignified chicken is very funny Sue – did you squawk? As long as your bears don’t come into the kitchen and raid fridge, grocery cupboard and any miscellaneous edible bits and pieces, I reckon you’re in a pretty good place. The buck will mutate into deer no doubt, and you may even come across a lonely moose and a few bison! I am no longer amused by our ‘boons – i wonder whether bears eat’ bush meat’? it’s a thought….

    • Sue says:

      Oh I’m sure there was squawking! I have been categorically told on more than one occasion that bears are herbivores. They don’t want to eat you, but if you scare them they may inadvertently kill you … I’m sure they’d be ever so sorry if they did.

      • jacky says:

        I was actually regarding our furry raiding neighbours as potential on-going nourishment for your bears – so that they turn their attention away from you . A clash of ‘boons and bears might be quite spectacular given the size of the teeth in the various jaws…

      • Sue says:

        Oh no Jacky. That collage could keep me indoors for a long while, at least until the ice cream finishes. All that gnashing of teeth makes me glad I’m not a herb.

  2. Susan says:

    Oh Sue, you make me laugh. I think it’s going to take a while to let go of that kind of baggage, but as long as you can see the funny side of it, you’re doing okay.

    • Sue says:

      I was so embarrassed, really grateful it was too early in the morning for anyone else in suburbia to be up.

    • jacky says:

      Or a salmon! I think bears are quite nifty at catching them so perhaps baboons might be a little ripe and tough for their sensitive palates…don’t run out of ice-cream.

  3. Eish, Sue – a graphic display of the shoots, I’ll warrant. The most terrifying thought for me was getting up at the crack. I think the last time I caught the sunrise was at Bulwer. You can keep your baboons, Jacky. I’ve found English toffee flavoured low fat yoghurt – yum. Don’t think the toffee sauce is low fat though. I’ve given up the weight-loss challenge as I’m not allowed to exercise for another two weeks and then there’s the wedding.

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