Salt or Wisdom?

by Penny M

When the tea looks like cat’s pea, my favourite Oaties have lined my stomach and I’ve finished gazing at my view of the Indian Ocean, it’s time to write; or is it?

I still feel like I’ve switched planets. I am determined not to become a pillar of salt. I have no desire to return to the other galaxy, but today must be weighed against yesterday to measure my progress.

What a privilege it is to be able to watch live broadcasting. This week, a former president appeared before the Arms Procurement Commission which was created to investigate allegations of fraud, corruption, impropriety or irregularity in the Strategic Defence Procurement Packages, specifically the multi-billions spent in 1999 (that’s fifteen years ago).

It was a virtual chance for me to sit in the judge’s seat. My lounge chair is much more comfortable; I can lean back on it and it won’t give way beneath me. I almost offered it to the respondent whose confidence in his Chair seemed to be under threat.

I felt for him. Had his team at the time (the Committee engaged to consider procurement of arms) done their homework properly? Whether they had or not, he was doing lines for them. Reports of fraudulent activities and misinformation were coming to light apparently for the first time. Just as most of us when confronted with such revelations, the former president demanded evidence and facts. There’s a certain irony there; we’re all on the same side, just not in the same seats. The crux of the matter is whether or not we can trust in the support of our chairs.

In addition to my TV viewing, radio has become a new distraction.

SAFM Morning Live is a program worthy of addiction. Interviews of interesting people, who answer a barrage of listeners’ questions on subjects like morality, religion, dealing with problem teens, art, story etcetera, go down well with a couple of cuppas.

That’s why I’m glad I switched planets. I can choose to spend my time expanding my knowledge of the world or to sneak a peek at the sea. As for my progress with projects that earn money, I guess it’s about as fast as it took the Commission of Inquiry to get around to cross-examining the former president.

I’m building a pillar of wisdom, not salt. That takes time …


5 thoughts on “Salt or Wisdom?

  1. Sue says:

    Lovely Penny, and so true, it’s a grand life when you can pursue your own interests. Good luck with that pillar of wisdom!

  2. jacky says:

    I’m still attempting to build mine Penny but wisdom seems to come ever more slowly!! how long has the commission been around? shades of Bleak House here, and the seats looked pretty uncomfy. To keep respondents on their toes perhaps?? nice one Penny, enjoy, and thank you.

  3. Susan says:

    Enjoy building your pillar of wisdom, Penny, and don’t look back. Who needs another pillar of salt anyway…?

  4. Penny M says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Jacky, I have never read Bleak House, but looked it up and it sounds fascinating.

  5. jacky says:

    It was one of my Eng. 1 books at varsity Penny, a h u g e read interspersed with many late night yawns! the case was Jarndyce vs Jarndyce as far as I remember and it dragged on just like the book! good characters though.

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