Contemplations from the Womb of imagination

by Gracey

I recently took time out. Hidden from the world, sheltered from rain, wind and freezing temperatures, I found solace to contemplate my life. I stepped back into the womb of my imagination in readiness for re-birth to the next phase. I expect to be surprised and am excited to begin.
I have collected friends, colleagues, acquaintances, supporters on my journey to now.

Isn’t it amazing how some people think they’ve got you all worked out? We walk around wearing labels; the fanatic, the wimp, the bitch at the office. Even worse, ex-wife of …, step-mother of …, member of…

We are defined by the place, family, area, country, skin we emerged from, the school we went to, the university we did or did not attend, the job we do or didn’t do. We are chained to the ‘should and shouldn’t haves’.

By the time we reach our so-called freedom years, we are coated in labels; plenty of reading material for the critics. It is said that there is at least one book in everybody; is this what that means? Lord, I hope not. Some of us limp through life under clouds of judgement, prescriptions and predictions actually believing that other people were right!

I think I dumped my coating of tags on several occasions. No sooner were they dumped than I started collecting again.

Today I am ready to make a fresh start on my slate. The good things can come with me, but the bad must be left with the afterbirth. I will choose to surround myself with believers; those who think I can, even when I don’t.

There are two kinds of criticism, constructive and destructive. Constructive critics identify the good and counsel to improve it. It usually starts with selfless praise. I will continue not to criticise the person, for this is blame, but to comment on the behaviour only if change seems possible.

If I am sure that you love me (without personal goals), then I welcome your opinion. If you are sitting in the boat of unbelief+, don’t be surprised if I don’t join you. I’m ‘walking on water now’ and can’t afford your company.

I am positive that I’m not the only one ready to shed my coat. How about you? Let’s do it together and get our toes wet!


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