Tiny stories

By Sue Trollip

There is a quote doing the FB rounds that says, ‘The universe is not made up of atoms. It’s made of tiny stories,’ and I like it. Fortunately I have no scientific type friends to argue the point.

Two stories ended my year, two breath-taking moments, two blows to the gut, one horrid and the other exciting. It made me decide to concentrate on living in the moment, which was an easy decision because I’m writing this while sitting on a white powdery beach leaning against a rock and watching the sun dip into the ocean. My notebook is balanced on my knees but I’m watching a beagle-basset named Biscuit exploring the rocks next to me. His nose is down and his tail up as he scrambles over the rocks that rasp at his Christmas belly. He remains steadfast chasing the scent of who knows what. He scrambles, he tracks, he rambles, and hunts (mostly bait from the fishermen’s tackle) then he falls into a heap, to sleep, he’s a pup that knows how to make the most of his days.

I’m on holiday in a rustic hut on the Wild Coast. There is an outdoor shower and a kettle that is slow to boil. There are no satellite links here (the GPS screen in the car is white, with us a marooned blue dot moving forward), electricity comes via a generator and the water is pumped up from a stream. So that puts paid to computers, cell phones, and TVs. Our neighbours listen to cricket on their car radio.

It’s like stepping back in time.

This is a holiday about sunshine, long walks, jumping through the waves and conversations.

Without people the stories that make up my life would be non-existent or dull. Without family to share the Christmas chocolates or friends to share cappuccinos and laughter my stories would be less amusing and I’d be a few kgs heavier. It’s friendship that makes the world a kinder place, a funnier place, a homely place. And I think it’s time to say thank you to modern technology and those indefatigable satellites because when you say goodbye  in the 21st century it’s more hasta la vista than adios!



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