By Michelle Dennison / Julianne AlcottI have reached a milestone in my life.
The big 4 – 0.Saying goodbye to my thirties and hello to my forties.I enjoyed my thirties. Sure, I experienced things like divorce, and losing most of my friends because of it. But I suppose I really gained from that. I’m free, and I know who my real friends are now.

I had more self confidence in my thirties, which is quite something, because my self confidence in the first twenty-something years of my life was virtually nil.

I became a mother, to an amazing little girl, and she continues to keep my life interesting with her antics, and her many talents.

I found a job that is perfect for me. Children, creativity and books. What an awesome combination.

I joined a hiking club, and every Saturday, my life is a mini-adventure as I ramble with a group of like-minded people from all walks of life, and explore the hidden jewels in Durban’s back yard.

My writing has reached levels I have only dreamed about in the past.

Love … Well there is an interesting question without an interesting answer, to quote William Thacker in Notting Hill.

I have learned that when a man keeps saying he wants to take me out to dinner, or dancing or any kind of date, and he doesn’t… Well that is a problem with him and not with me. Men like that aren’t worth the mind time we give them.

I have learned what love can be like. A beautiful harmony of two hearts and souls, where there is no need for words. I know that nothing less than that will satisfy.

And so I face a new decade. A blank page waiting to be written on. Adventures waiting to happen.

Life begins at forty, so they say…



Picture: (Stuart Miles)


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