Mojo Shake Up

By Sue TrollipI’ve lost my mojo and no, it’s not the winter slump. It’s been a staccato year so far and I’ve been unable to retrieve my joie de vivre for a while. Then I decided to give up coffee and now when I wake in the morning and smell tea, it’s just not the same. There’s no bubbling pot, no pungent  aroma, no caffeine kick. I feel lacklustre and that isn’t good.

Right now I’m sipping a cup of cinnamon tea and airing the kitchen which turned foggy when I left the popcorn oil to heat, then forgot I hadn’t added the mielies. It took a while for my brain to register that it was smelling, but not popping. I wonder if it would have happened if I’d had coffee instead of cinnamon buzzing through my veins.

A life lacking passion is grey and dismal and I like to live in a vivid world.

I’ve done some research as to how to get my mojo leaping. This is what I’ve discovered (and tried) so far …

Read something happy.

I downloaded and started reading last night, Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl, so far so good I’ve already had a few laughs. (The last book I read was Lionel Shriver’s The Post Birthday World and, in my opinion, the beauty of Lionel’s prose is overshadowed by its depressing content.)

Get some exercise.

Yesterday I decided to pound the beachfront’s promenade. Dumb move, it’s Top Gear time down there and all the roads are closed. It took me about 35 minutes to get close enough to park and  about 45 to get home. Hackles high I stomped in the wind. Tomorrow I will try the botanical gardens.

Have fun.

Would that consist of drinking tea and eating petit delights with friends at the Beverley Hills hotel on a cold and blowy Sunday afternoon? – Yes I did that too.

Listen to music.

I suppose it’s time to up the iTunes budget because the radio is more talk shows than music and I am not a fan of the phone-in crowd.

So, I’ve tried some things and I will try some more:

•  Learn something new.
•  Find joy in everyday things.

I’ve given myself to the end of the month to get my mojo revamped because for the second half of this year I plan to be:





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