First Love

By Hazel Bond

I get this warm and tingly feeling
When I hear he’s at the door.
It’s a bubbly sweet excitement
That I’ve never felt before.
My face cannot help smiling
And my feet don’t feel the floor,
As I rush along to greet him,
Make him welcome here once more.

I am knitting him a trendy tie
For wearing at the office.
Sometimes I drop a stitch or two.
I hope he will not notice.
Next row round I make a few.
It gives a sudden fullness.
With all the scraps of wool I’ve used
The colours are stupendous.

There’s a sidecar on his motorbike
That just fits my friend and me.
Sometimes he takes us for a ride.
A glorious carefree spree.
Hurtling by at thirty kays,
Oh what bliss, this sense of speed.
I’d like to ride forever then
Just like heaven it would be.

He is always very sweet to me.
Also to my friend, what’s more,
But Dad says I can’t marry him,
This fine man that I adore,
’Cause he is my friend’s  father
And I’ve only just turned four.


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