The Inside Story

By Penny M

One of the most fascinating and frustrating facts of life is that you can never really know a person. I mean who are we really? You might believe, as I do, that you are a soul living in a body. The soul is the essence of who we are. It’s kind of amazing how our external features can camouflage our real selves and often keep everybody fooled. Every now and then, I get this impression that I’m sitting inside my earth bubble, hugging my secrets and nobody knows, except my Father in heaven and He won’t tell.

How I would love to explore the uncharted territory beyond the façades and unpack the hidden treasures of hitherto undiscovered hearts and minds.

Not only that but we are each unique. No two humans are the same. Oh yes, there are identical twins and even clones but life changes them. Whilst opinions might be concurrent, our thinking has been gouged from history, flavoured with experiences, dusty days and dreaming nights. And what potential!

It’s thrilling to think that I could be sitting beside the next Nobel Prize winner. The lady scanning bar codes, at the library might one day be a movie star and the little girl begging at the intersection could stand for election as president in a decade or two. But then I could be having lunch with another ‘Jack the Ripper’. We are surrounded by limitless possibilities.

How exciting to know that the words we write and the actions we engage in can change lives and make a difference to the world around us. One small act can have a profound effect on a nation or a generation.

During a dark phase in my life, a faceless stranger left a magazine at the bottom of my hospital bed. The leading article was just what I needed to encourage me at that moment. My mystery visitor will never know how that act touched my life.

I am constantly in awe of the potential of people to unconsciously and consciously impact the world around them.

A smile can change a heartbeat, a touch can heal, and a tear can touch.

Will something that I have written here change the way you look at your life? If so, you have to thank the person who placed hope at the end of my bed on my day of darkness. If not, then that very fact has impacted your life. Think about it; I did.


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