Writers’ Deluge

by Michelle Dennison AWA Julianne Alcott

Billions of words have been written about writers’ block. That discouraging, debilitating, paralysing ailment that causes the victim to spend hours staring at a blank screen or piece of paper.

I, unfortunately, am suffering from the opposite condition. My creative juices just won’t stop flowing. Ideas dart around my mind like bats on acid. Everything around me sparks my imagination. Characters come alive, and hammer at the inside of my head, trying to get out and live!

I wouldn’t be surprised if words came pouring out my ears. I just can’t write things down fast enough. This sounds like an idea situation for a writer, so why am I so discouraged? As usual, the mundane and urgent things in life get in the way.

My car won’t start …

This means time spent at the battery place, on the phone to the immobiliser people, long conversations with the mechanic and the helpful neighbour. Unexpected journeys up the hill to get the battery fired up again (although I am told that my battery is in full health).

We won’t dwell on housework, magazine-folding, envelope addressing, ironing, sorting out important papers and getting my phone through the RICA process.

At the moment, I am sitting at the car tire place, frantically scribbling, as information about wheel balancing and road insurance float around me. I am inspired to write this blog, and also to capture every detail of books one to three in the new series I am writing.

And then I run out of paper …


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